Pro: Moroccan Botola-international Azarou leaves for the Egyptian ALLY Jadida Al Ahly

What already hung in the air yesterday afternoon was officially confirmed. The Egyptian Club Al Ahly for several seasons has been assured of the Moroccan-international.

One of the larger outbound transfers from the Moroccan Botola Pro League got yesterday stature, the Egyptian Club Al Ahly took STEVE Jadida's student at a cost of 1.2 million dollars. There were already several weeks rumours about the apparent departure of the striker, yesterday was the arrival then finally the world created by Al Ahly. During the presentation in El Jadida was held over 200 worldwide goal machines gave the thief to know very much sense to have in this new challenge.

Employment Azarou yesterday signed what has a term of no less than 4 seasons, what year the attacker to collect salary was not disclosed. Azarou last season became a true key player for his club and he was also one of the trendsetters in the Botola Pro. In a season he managed to find the net 12 times, enough to generate in the interest of national team manager Hervé Renard.

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