Morocco as a member elected in UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Morocco can count from next calendar year to one of the 54 members of ECOSOC.

The ECOSOC, popularly known as the economic and Social Council of the United Nations, can ensure the coming 2 years of membership of Morocco as one of the 54 participating countries. The Council is known as one of the most important organs of the United Nations, along with 5 other organizations that attempt to promote global growth and development. With the connection of Morocco can we also say in the various plans and intentions to the UN world economic and social development.

Overall terms this means setting goals in political-legal, but also socio-economic context. There will look at where steps have been taken to progress at the global level. Currently there is determined to set goals for the longer term, the extreme point is 2030.

Unnecessarily, in New York it was determined so unanimous membership of Morocco for the next two calendar years (2018 and 2019). About the exact life entries that Moroccan delegates must hold for the time being, no communication is done go.

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