Man Rams police vehicle on Champs-Elysées

A motorist is Monday on the Champs-Elysées in Paris full of run on a police vehicle.

The driver is arrested. The police in the French capital reported that no police officers or members of the public injured.

According to various media drove the car consciously in on a van of the police. The driver was armed, according to the newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré but it is unclear what kind of weapon the man with him would have worn.

A source told the newspaper Le Parisien the suspected driver passed out on the ground to have seen. The vehicle of the man would have been on fire.

On images is to see that the massive police present at the world famous boulevard. A witness said that agents have cordoned off an area near the Presidential Palace. The situation is now under control, reported the police on Twitter.

police vehicle