Moroccan man talks about loss of his wife to fire in apartment block London (video)

The husband of Khadija Kabeer told the Daily Mail UK the story of the terrible night and his search for his wife.

Sabah Abdallah, 72 years, told about the terrible night in the fire in the apartment building in London his wife Khadija, 52 years, lost. He told about his grief and how he spent the whole night to his wife was looking for.

"We had a 30-year marriage. She was my wife, she was my partner. She was my everything ".

He said that when flights out of the building (they lived on the 17th floor) there was a lot of chaos and he believes that he was separated from his wife around the 15th floor. He thought at first that they had survived the fire and waited until six o'clock in the morning on her. The authorities told him that her lifeless body was found, lying in the grass, about 50 metres in front of the building.

He told him that the police has given little information about the death of his wife, just that they told him that they had died in the grass in the fresh air.

Mr Abdallah does not understand how his wife died as they managed to get outside. According to the newspaper, it is possible that they are to smoke inhalation died, but this is not confirmed by the police.

"I feel lost. I do not know what is going on. I just want my wife back ", he said to the Daily Mail.

A video in which he speaks about his heavy loss is here: