Royal Gendarmerie choose Saab's underwater robot for rescue missions

Saab Seaeye, world leader in underwater robots, announced the purchase by the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie to of one of his robot vehicles for search, rescue and salvage operations.

From all over the world is there job done on the proven virtues of this underwater robot, which can be used in the most demanding environments in the world, from excessive heat to under the ice.

The robot can be rapidly deployed from a small boat. In Morocco will be used according to the manufacturer at 2000 km sea coast and in the inland lakes of the country.

It is equipped with cameras, HD video, high intensity lighting and ' scanning sonar '. It can work in confined spaces, in the dark and can incessant hours through work.

It has five powerful screws and a control system that stabilizes in turbulent waters.

The gendarmerie praises the underwater robot and gives that the Saab underwater robot can be used in operations where it is too dangerous to dive and where the depth and strength flow of water too dangerous, reports Medias24.

The Falcon is only 1 meter long.

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