No bail for ' son of parliamentarian ' drunken state caused in traffic accident

The Court in Rabat decided that the trial of the young man responsible for a traffic accident on 11 June in Rabat will be resumed on June 22.

The man, the son of a member of Parliament, was during the traffic accident in a State of intoxication. The two (sober) girls who were with him be prosecuted in a State of provisional release.

Aziz Rouibah, the lawyer for the young man, denied the charges that interventions had taken place to his client's release. "In contrast to these lies, is the judicial process followed without the interference of any party. The young man is since a week in the prison of Salé held captive, "he said.

He added that "the accident is not as spectacular as some people would have you believe". The accident caused only material damage and no victims.

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