Men and women separated from now allowed in enclave Sebta

I go as far as possible incidents with fatal outcome as before.

Ahdath Al Maghribia to what the Moroccan media recently brought out, it seems that the Spanish authorities in the enclave of Sebta err on the side of caution. One wants the passages where both Moroccan men and women packed and run through it safer. It is too often happened that by crowded passages were oppressed people and overflowing with the dead as a result. As a concrete measure Ahdath Al Maghribia mentions it on certain days only for women and then again just for men access to the various passages. This would reduce the risk to busy passages have to take off, this particular measure has no religious basis.

Sebta is for many families and families in Morocco the largest and sometimes only source of income. Thousands of Moroccans cross the border daily to stuff to pick up or away, these are then then possibly traded on markets in the country. Distressing is that the working conditions are pitiful, the images are already all over the world. Women are almost as ' donkeys ' over and over again with their backs sometimes very unnatural postures.

According to the latest reports, the Spanish authorities there are still under consideration how these and other security measures the best form can go.

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