Moroccan Army FAR intercepted 2 ton chira at Hercules caves Tangiers

An unprecedented amount of on a fairly unusual place.

Not the Moroccan customs, police or gendarmerie but the army recently discovered a huge amount of Moroccan hashish, popularly known as ' chira ', in Tangier. It all happened on the coast, to be exact near the Hercules caves: a popular location for many Moroccan but also foreign tourists. Sources close to the Moroccan Le360 media report that this action by the FAR for quite some time was prepared. Known now is that there are 2 suspects have been detained, 33 and 38 years old respectively. Further information about the 2 arrestaten is not.

The total amount of chira that has been seized is concerned no less than 2 tons, packed in 59 packages like on the picture above to see. In cooperation with the police pressure is currently being searched for a Volkswagen estate located just for the action remarkably often went in the area surrounding the A.t beach. There is then also take into account possible even more concerned that this large amount of the country wanted locks. What is the exact reason that the army had to have a leading role in this action was not disclosed, as well as how the arrest and the find have taken place.

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