Rachid El Ouali shares joy of disabled boy who Baccalaureate exam has been met (video)

The actor Rachid El Ouali proudly shared a wonderful video on youtube and facebook.

A handicapped boy, the son of his friend, had his Baccalaureate exam. The actor wanted to share the joy of the family and the video was very well received (and frequently shared) on social media.

The Ministry of education reported yesterday via a statement that of the approximately 325,000 Moroccan students who have done the Baccalaureate exam, 50.28 percent there was successful. Nearly half has therefore not met. But the young man in the video below the 50.28 percent who did hear happy is successful, a handsome prestratie!

The joy of the family is contagious and will certainly be a big smile on your face:

[video = youtube; ACXloLmS1Vs] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = ACXloLmS1Vs [/video]