Marrakech: Director of money transfer agency arrested for fabricated crime

The Director of a money transfer agency in Marrakech has been arrested because of the suspicion that he has fabricated a crime with the aim of 130,000 dirham.

In a released statement reported the police that it had a telephone call from the Director of a money transfer agency in the El Azzouia district in Marrakech had received. The Director claimed to be the victim of an armed robbery and that there are 130,000 dirham by him was stolen while he was on his way to deposit the money at a bank.

When the police arrived, they talked with the light wounded Director and opened an investigation. When researching images of video bewakingscamera's they discovered that the information was incorrect and that further details about time and place of the robbery were not logical.

On 18 June, the research has shown that the alleged crime was created as an attempt to obscure money, reports Moroccoworldnews.

The Director has since, under the direction of the public prosecutor, placed in custody for research, before he is to appear in court.

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