Rhamna: Imam nearly stoned for testing the microphone prior to breaking the fast

In a small village in the province of Rhamna (region of Marrakech-Safi), an imam and his family were almost stoned to death.

The local imam was accused of being a premature breaking of fasting to have caused, Al Massae writes today. The victim, however, tested the microphone, after which the population thought they heard the call to prayer.

The angry people gathered in front of the House of the imam and began to pelt them with stones. When the imam went out to see what was going on, his head was hit hard by a stone which he lost consciousness.

When his family members came to the imam to help out and under a mountain rocks come from, they also found an angry mob and they were attacked. Moqaddem a toegesnelde (municipal driver) was also attacked.

The imam is taken to hospital and the authorities filed a complaint against the aggressors.