Daesh blows al-Nuri mosque in Mosul on

Daesh has Wednesday, al-Nuri mosque in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the Iraqi army has blown up.

The mosque was of great symbolic importance for the terror organization. In this mosque called Daesh-leader al-Baghdadi three years ago the Caliphate.

The explosion takes place at the time that the Iraqi army close to the old city of Mosul. This is the place where the last Daesh-terrorists in the city lurk.

The medieval Mosque is situated in this old town. The Iraqi army is about two hundred metres from the mosque. It gets at its storming under more air support of the US-led coalition. In the old city are estimated 100,000 civilians, including many children. Many others are fleeing Mosul when approaching the Iraqi army.

The historic mosque, whose construction was completed probably in 1173, is famous for the leaning minaret.