Three Moroccan terrorism suspects arrested in Madrid (video)

Three Moroccan nationals have been arrested in Madrid on suspicion of terrorism, reported the Spanish Ministry of the Interior yesterday in a statement.

One of the suspects, a 32-year-old man which is believed he connected with Daesh, is considered as "very dangerous". The two other suspects, 33 and 38 years old, shared an apartment with him. The Spanish Interior said the main suspect of his own house trained to perform violent acts in Spain.

The Ministry revealed that the man had collected a lot of extremist material, including handbooks on how you can commit terrorist attacks.

In the early hours of Wednesday did the Spanish police raided the apartment in Las Delicias, in the South of Madrid, and the three men were arrested. The radical material was seized during the search.

According to the Ministry the documents, the content of which varies from "the most radical form of ideological preparation" to "acts of martyrdom", currently being analyzed by the national police of Spain.

The police raid happened 2 days for World Pride, the largest LGBT festival in the world, which takes place in Madrid. There even though some media put a link to them, there are no details by the Ministry or the threesome wanted to commit a terrorist act during this event.

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