Khemisset: arrest of gang that car rental companies had

Khémisset police dismantled a gang of crooks, led by a fake doctor, who lit up in Casablanca and Berrechid mainly car rental companies.

The news medium Assabah confirms that the brain behind this gang has been arrested in Khémisset. The two alleged accomplices of the man have been identified and are being actively sought.

Looking at how this gang operated, Assabah reports that the gang members went to the car rental companies and car chose to the needs of a so-called tourist. The fake doctor presented his fake papers to the company that then the contract on the basis of these documents.

If the gang once had a rental car, it was with false papers sold to a third party or stored in a shed, where the cars were extracted from each other so that the parts could be sold separately.

The same source indicates that the investigation is still going on, according to the decision of the Prosecutor. The victims have suffered enormous damage in the meantime, some managers of the defrauded companies run the risk of going bankrupt, because the cars that are stolen from them were acquired by loans that they can no longer pay.

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