Moroccan hackers tried to break to vote register school Miami

Just before the presidential elections did a Moroccan hackers organization frantic efforts to break in on the system of a school in Miami.

According to the U.S. local media the Miami Herald tried a Moroccan hacker organization at the end of last calendar year to break on the voting system of a school in the city. This happened just before the presidential elections were taking place, to what is now known had this failed attempt a larger goal in mind. Different experts and security agencies in the US tech world report that the plan was to use that system try to penetrate Government systems.

As said it remained at just an attempt, the group calling itself as name ' MoRo ' gave came no further than the school system itself. Michael Kaiser of the National Cyber Security Alliance said the following about the incident:

Despite the fact that the school experienced no damage of the hack attempt, ' MoRo ' for a number of images on the Web pages of the school community. So were on the websites of 2 schools images of Daech-fighters.

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