UN refugee agency praises Morocco bet for reception 7048 immigrants

A person in charge of the UNHCR looks back with great satisfaction on the cooperation and commitment of Morocco in the refugee issue.

The United Nations refugee agency, UNHCR, has with Morocco a loyal and active partner when it comes to solving the immigration issue. In front of the Moroccan news agency MAP let Jean Paul Cavaliéri know very happy with the contribution of the country. Currently there are no less than 7,048 individuals present in the Kingdom, divided into the numbers of refugees and asylum seekers 1922 5,126.

1. Syria:3,478 1. Cameroon: 386
2. Yemen:2 519. Guinée: 299
3. Ivory Coast:293 3. Ivory Coast: 277
4. Central African Republic:210 4. DR Congo: 197
5. DR Congo:169 5. Mali: 119
6. Iraq:146 6. Central African Republic: 43

Closer cooperation between the Moroccan authorities and UNHCR would in future should lead to a better estimate of who the refugee status and who does not, thus Cavaliéri. Worldwide, there are currently as many as 65 million people away from their homes by political unrest or insecurity in their home country.

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