Terreurcel Essaouira rolled by BCIJ those arrested, 4

Daesh-sympathizers that the Moroccan intelligence again BCIJ knew of their bed.

Morocco is known worldwide for its effective fight against terrorism, as it turned out again today. The Moroccan Interior Ministry communicated by means of a press release through official channels the arrest of 4 suspects that part of a terreurcel. In the statement is to read that in the tourist resort of Essaouira the responsible intelligence BCIJ the 4 individuals knew in.

Known to be attacks on hotspots in the tourist resort schemed, for this was sufficient evidence found at their home addresses. So there were large knives, electronic evidence and different manuscripts found. In one of the manuscripts promised the members of this cell their loyalty and devotion to the leader of Daesh.

About in what stage the preparations were is no communication. The foursome should, after the matter has been extensively examined, are accountable to the courts.