Amsterdam City Council wants to THINK in

THINK is in each case in Amsterdam participate in the municipal elections be held next year.

The party left that Thursday night. During the Dutch general election in March this year, the movement, which much emphasis on the position of people with a migration background, success in the capital.

With 28,000 votes, 6.9 percent of the total, THINK there was greater than the PVV and SP. In the New-West even THINK got the most votes of all parties. Group Chairman Tam Kuzu dreams all of five seats in the Amsterdam Council and a seat at the table in the negotiations for a new City Council.

Chances are THINK competition gets in article 1, the party of Sylvana Simons that short time to THINK was involved but left disappointed. Safi said earlier that her party in the capital wants to participate. Is still unclear under what name that will happen, because Article 1 should change his name from the right since that is already in use by an anti-discrimination Agency.

The municipal elections are on March 21, 2018.

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