Sandy TV: ' no Moroccan-Easton international, paper not yet in order ' (video)

The Moroccan television channel strongly denies the previous news coverage of Le Matin that Easton would be already renamed to Moroccan-international.

Recently it came the surprising news that Moroccan Le Matin medium with the switch from FC Barcelona player Munir El H by Spain to Morocco already a done deal. Le Matin based this news item on a spokesman for FIFA, should be laid down where switch request. Opposite Sandy TV would someone from the Moroccan Football Federation this message from Le Matin have contradicted. So would the whole file and thus also the switch request have not yet been sent to the FIFA, because the Moroccan passport of the 21-year-old attacker is not ready.

The past few days also signed a number of posts the news that such a request, in any case, little or no chance of success. Yesterday came the usually savvy ESPN FC with a statement by a responsible at FIFA. On this basis, it becomes clear that there is a possibility exists but that the chance that the FIFA there gives green light for more considerably smaller than when Easton had their debut for Spain in an exhibition game.

There is the comparison made with the situation of Spanish-international and Chelsea attacker Diego Costa. He made in the Brazilian colors only minutes in friendlies, this was the door open for a switch to Spain at the time of the 2014 World Cup in his homeland.

Just as it has in the past often was unclear about such matters that concern the FRMF, a press release of the Moroccan Federation itself can create some clarity. Perhaps here in the coming days about out is communicated.

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