Deadly accident between Tangier and Tetouan, 3 victims

In a very unfortunate way 2 vehicles collided head-on with each other on the roads between Tangier and Tétouan.

Last Thursday came on very unfortunate way 2 vehicles collided with each other, one of them involved a taxi with passengers. Known now is that the 3 occupants of the petit taxi not have survived the accident, the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident was came alive but kept there nevertheless. These were so bad that the man currently in critical condition at the Mohammed V hospital in Tanger. The occupants in his vehicle, also 3, would also have been injured. Luckily that injuries restricted to some bone fractures.

To what is now known, it seems, according to sources in front of the Moroccan Le360 medium, that the driver of the other vehicle lost control over the steering. The man that is currently fighting for his life would be working as an engineer on the industrial estate near Melloussa.

The police came right away on the spot and carried out as a matter of course also a research to find out exactly how the accident has taken place.

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