CNPAC calls during Eid Ul Fitr on Morocco to road users and summer vacation extra careful

There is summoned to double out to look when the extra busy highways during Eid Ul Fitr and the summer holidays.

With Eid Ul Fitr coming and the summer holidays in Morocco, there is an extra high occupation of the highway network and the national roads system. Hence the CNPAC, the national organization that tries to go against traffic accidents, the road users to be extra alert and vigilant. So are particularly drivers who private trips, taxi drivers and public carrier requested an extra look at other traffic.

Further advises the CNPAC road users to before they leave their vehicle briefly to check on some essential points as the tires profile, the brakes, suspensions and also the State of the panes. For drivers who have to travel longer distances is the advice given to every so often to take a rest break. Of course, the use of the mobile phone is as strongly discouraged, in addition, children who have not yet reached the age of 10 years good to be confirmed in the back seat.

Finally, it asks me to participate in a responsible manner to the traffic by as much as possible mistakes of others, and to keep a cool head.

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