Sister suspected attempted attack train station Brussels reacts indignantly (video)

The 36-year-old terror suspect's sister Ali Za reports her borer. Her brother would totally have nothing to do with terrorism or extremism.

According to the family members of Za, including his sister, he would never ever showed any appreciation or sympathy for terrorist organisations. He would certainly have indicated several times even vehement against terror, said Ibrahim Za opposite the Belgian medium RTBF. The point about his older sister who resides in Morocco but not in that her little brother to something is capable of.

They would, therefore, like incriminating evidence on the table by the Belgian authorities:

Perhaps unnecessarily, Za was 3 days ago shot at the train station of Brussels. At that time his luggage twice would have exploded, the matter is currently still under research.

[video = youtube; CHPW_pb8Auw] v = CHPW_pb8Auw [/video]

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