NCTV threat image: show ' jihadists ' hardens

The show among supporters of the Dutch ' jihadist ' movement, consisting of ' at least several hundred people ', hardens itself.

That leads the National Coordinator for combating terrorism and security (NCTV) on the basis of the following closed internet forums, "where the show a lot harder". The last months sees the NCTV also that "they manifest themselves more open on social media platforms".

That appeared in the Friday 45th NCTV says the report on the Netherlands (DTN) Terrorism Threat image, that because of recent attacks in advance. It also highlighted the growing tension in society, including after the riots around the Turkish Constitution referendum and unrest within the -Dutch community. "The attack at a mosque in London confirms that the continuing polarization around Islam remains not without consequences," said the threat report.

Arrests and investigations show "that there are ' jihadists ' in Netherlands are willing to use force". On the other hand, calls the authority it remarkably "that they could take steps to to violence about to go". Exists the fear that this is not the case will continue. "The return from Syria of experienced, hardened ' jihadists ' can change this dynamic," said the NCTV.

Netherlands is according to the DTN through participation in the anti-Daesh Coalition a legitimate target for ' jihadists '. Netherlands was recently in picture at two ' jihadist ' groups in Africa, where Dutch soldiers "implied to target" was appointed. Another group Netherlands labelled "as one of the enemies of Muslims".

The report pointed out the persistent ' jihadist ' terrorism in Western Europe, which since early this year claimed the lives of dozens of people.

In addition, the threat of co-ordinated attacks by Daesh touched or Al Qai'da. Thus, according to the Coordinator Daesh "may still be a few dozen operatives (agents, ed.) at his disposal in Europe ". That means that the threat remains great in Netherlands and the chance of an attack "real". The NCTV maintains the threat level on level four of a scale of five.

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