Spanish shipping company FRS offers 200,000 dirham to the 20 millionth passenger

The Spanish shipping company FRS is expected this summer, the 20 millionth passenger transport between Morocco and Spain.

To celebrate this special event, the shipping company a special surprise reserved for the one who will be the 20 millionth passenger. The latter will get offered a cheque of 200,000 dirham, said a statement from the company.

"We don't know exactly when and on what line on which we operate it will happen, we only know that it takes place this summer," said Marcial Picó, marketing director of FRS against HuffPostMaroc.

FRS, which already 17 years is active in the Straits of Gibraltar, also has launched a campaign on social networks titled ' 20 million stories '. The goal is to have the stories of the passengers who took part in the boat trips from the company to stress, according to a statement.

"Anyone up for our shipping company has chosen has a history and different motivations to choose for our society, therefore we have this campaign realized with real customers who told us their stories," said Marcial Picó.