Morocco Ambassador to Netherlands immediately calls back

Morocco recalled its Ambassador in the Hague today, due to non-fulfilment of Netherlands with a request for the extradition of a drug dealer.

The Dutch authorities have not complied with the request of the Kingdom to a notorious drug trafficker to extradite of Moroccan origin who is involved in the funding and support of certain criminal circles in northern Morocco.

"In the last two days there have been contacts between the Moroccan and the Dutch authorities at the level of the heads of Government and ministers for Foreign Affairs on the actions of a notorious drug dealer of Moroccan origin in Netherlands, "reported a statement by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation (MAEC).

The drug dealer is the subject of two international arrest warrants issued by the Court, for "partnership in a criminal organisation" since 2010 and 2015, reports the international drug trade since statement.

MAEC declares that for several months to the Dutch authorities specific information is supplied on the involvement of this drug trafficker in the financing and logistical support of criminal circles in northern Morocco.

"Morocco reserves the right to all the consequences and implications that are needed on the level of bilateral relations and to take such political and diplomatic measures that are necessary".

In this context, Morocco has decided, in consultation, its Ambassador in the Hague to recall it. "The Kingdom will have the option of a return to this post, depending on the developments in this case, investigations", concluded the statement.