Creator of threatening videos direction residents Al Hoceima picked up in Casablanca

A person who placed on internet videos and threatened with violence against people and destruction of property in the city of Al Hoceima is yesterday in Casablanca arrested.

The judicial police in Casablanca arrested the 26-year-old man for alleged encouragement to crimes against people and destruction of property.

A statement from the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) reported yesterday that the suspect several videos published on the internet in which he showed a large knife and a weapon in the form of a gun and threatened to crimes against to commit people and destruction of property in the city of Al Hoceima.

A house search at the suspect in the video were shown weapons found. The gun turned out to be fake and was toys that is used by children, reported the same source.

The suspect is taken into custody during the further research into all the ins and outs of this matter, concluded the statement.

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