King Mohammed VI sends Eid Ul-Fitr congratulations to countries with predominantly Muslim population

On the occasion of Eid Ul-Fitr has King Mohammed VI congratulation messages sent to all heads of State of countries with a predominantly Muslim population.

In it, he expressed the sincere wish for health and happiness for Morocco's brothers (and sisters) and wished them progress and prosperity.

In these messages emphasized in particular that the King "a blessed chance is, that by its profound meaning and the noble values, ask us to by our faith and our behavior to confirm our attachment to the teachings. It also asks us to the ideals of our religion to incarnate that fraternity, unity, balance and moderation, as well as the rejection of any form of Division, discord, violence, fanaticism or extremism ".

The King closed his message to the heads of State with a supplication to Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, in order "to help us to achieve the expectations of our peoples who aspire to more progress and development and to strengthen the ties of brotherhood , solidarity, complementarity and integration. And may he help us to double our commitment to the sublime principles and values of our holy religion, our true and authentic image and to strengthen the dialogue and in line with our friends and partners of all Nations, civilizations, religions and cultures. "

el fitr
mohammed vi