MedTrucks: a Moroccan-French invention for medical care in remote areas

The award-winning MedTrucks strives to provide medical shortcomings in remote areas to fight through these areas with medical equipment.

The company was founded in 2016 by three men of Moroccan descent residing in Montpellier. The company manages a network of trucks that carry medical supplies to remote places of the French and Moroccan countryside.

The founders of MedTrucks work at Polytech Montpellier where the company is based, with a branch in Casablanca.  The three founders of the company are biomedical engineers, gives Moroccoworldnews.

"A medtruck or a medical truck, can be equipped with equipment for a mission for the implementation of dialysis, dentistry, ophthalmology, medical imaging or as pharmacy," explains MedTrucks CEO Earleen Hilal.

El Hilal told the story about how he came up with the idea for this company. One day he saw a woman on a train station passing out, the woman had to take the train to kidney dialysis that was not available in her own city. "So we came up with the idea to create a medical concept that will bring people closer to medical care, which will go to places where other professionals do not come".

MedTrucks hopes his first two trucks in Morocco in 2017 to install, before they want to conquer the African market gradually. The company that end 2016 the first Orange Award for social entrepreneurship, was one of the main guests of the French delegation on the ' World Economic Forum ' that was held in Amman last year.

After the ' Viva MedTrucks ' Tech in Paris will be a guest at the International Conference ' Leaders Meeting ', of which the 2017 Edition at the end of this month in Marrakech will be held.

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