Episode electric buses in Marrakech runs large delay on

The launch was scheduled for november 2016, but the project concerning imports of electric buses in Marrakech still has huge lag and can be delivered until the end of 2017.

The newspaper Al Akhbar follows the history of this huge project, which has cost nearly 240 million dirham.

By repeatedly delay for several reasons, the project will concerning imports of electric buses in Marrakech not be ready until the end of 2017. This confirm multiple reports of this project led by the Mayor of the ochre city, Mohamed Larbi Belcaïd, State.

Al Akhbar recalled that the Mayor promised the magic buses to launch in november last year, on a date which coincided with COP22. But soon there were problems before, the Chinese company that had to build the vehicles, had broken all contacts with the sponsor, the city of Marrakech.

Thanks to the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior was the communication with the Chinese company again repaired. But now the City Council had a direct agreement with another operator for an effective start of the closed circulation of electric buses in March. Another deadline that was not realized.

The newspaper reports that there are colossal amounts have been spent tens of millions of dirham. The first part of the infrastructure necessary for electric bus traffic is not completed yet, adds the newspaper. All these setbacks and millions of wasted amounts (almost 240 million dirham) have the National Association for the defence of human rights in Morocco put on to file a complaint against the Mayor and his Deputy Mohamed Larbi Belcaïd , John Bach.