Hague mosque threatened with attack by truck

The as-Soennahmoskee in the Hague has a threatening letter received last weekend.

The anonymous sender writes in the letter to the foundation that a counter attack on mosque visitors has not been ruled out. "A truck that a school or mosque hits! Don't forget that! ", are included in the letter written. The writer has a toy truck at the letter.

Police say they Saturday afternoon is informed of the existence of the letter. "We have, In consultation with the mosque administration Sunday during the arrival and departure of mosque visitors extra monitoring. Monday will be the mosque Board report and we will start an investigation into the origin of this letter. "

The Board of the Foundation as-Sunnah says "very shocked and upset to be to correct in the month of ramadan, in which it is very busy in and around the mosques, this threat." According to the threats the mosque Board may not be separated from the "smear campaign against the and Muslims by certain politicians and some media. It is according to the Foundation "not inconceivable that their role, combined with the turbulent times in which we live, leads to actually perform the threat. ''

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