King Mohammed VI expressed his disappointment, cancel vacations ministers

King Mohammed VI on Sunday during the Council of Ministers stressed the need of avoiding ' politiciseren of the social and development projects that are accomplished '.

During the first Council of Ministers of the Government of El Othmani in the Royal Palace in Casablanca, that this Sunday was chaired by the King, the Frost "disappointment, dissatisfaction and concern" about the delay of the implementation of the projects in Al Hoceima.

Lakshmi Laftit and Mohamed Boussaïd, respectively ministers of Interior and finance, have been given the command of the King to control the situation and to see after: "the General Inspectorate of Territorial Administration and the General Inspection of Finances IGF, will adopt the necessary investigations and the responsibilities, and give a report as soon as possible ".

The King also reminded to its instructions that "only proposals for funding, studies and approval of land have to be submitted to him, with the duty to launch them as soon as possible", said a statement from the Royal Cabinet that via the Moroccan news agency MAP is issued.

In the midst of the current situation, the King the holidays of the ministers cancelled until "further notice to follow up to ensure the projects concerned".

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