Marseille: strange new regulation prohibits burqini without naming

One year after the "burqini gate ' in France brings the burqini again controversy in the city of Marseille, which has just published a municipal Ordinance that requires swimwear that is suitable for a possible rescue.

Seen by some as a symbol of oppression, it is for others just a choice that is specific to individual freedom. The burqini, which in 2004 was invented, again unleashes controversy in France.

Marseille has just adopted a municipal Ordinance that prohibits the burqini without naming it. The city runs "wearing swimwear is compulsory for all swimmers". The municipal regulation also gives the type of swimwear in question, which "should not impede the ease in the water and forms a barrier on rescue".

Even without the denomination in the administrative act is the burqini therefore prohibited. Didier Réault, the Deputy delegate for beaches in Marseille, says: "it's normal, the State police to people who with incorrect outfits in the water telling that they go out of the water. This also applies to the burqini. If you want to sit on the beach with a ski suit, is this possible. But you should not in baden ".