Free Mozart concerts in Casablanca and Rabat early July

Over 80 musicians will entertain the public for free with the famous works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The big music lovers amongst us (which probably in Morocco on vacation) can already 2 dates in their agenda, in both Casablanca Rabat as there are 2 concerts on the program whose access is free. The OPM, one of Morocco's larger Orchestra organizations, recently announced the concerts which will be dominated by the pioneer in this genre: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. More than 600 known for his symphonies, concerts and operas he will be honored by different artists, the Organization estimates this number at over 80.

As said the events will go Casablanca and Rabat respectively, the following are the exact dates and locations:
-Rabat: in the national Mohammed V Theatre on Wednesday, 5 July at 20:30 am local time
-Casablanca: at Notre Dame church on Monday 3 July at 20:30 am local time

The OPM chose aware for free access, this to a wider audience acquainted with this genre.