Picture of praying Muslims in synagogue Marrakech goes viral

A unique picture of a iftar-meeting in the Beth-El synagogue in Marrakech.

As often happened in Morocco during the last Ramadan, already were looking for different faith groups each other to jointly an iftar-meal. So also in the Beth-El synagogue of Marrakech where it not only at food remained. Where a Muslim to have broken after short of his fasting prayer dress should look up for the Maghreb prayer, one did this also in the synanoge.

This image was shared on the Facebook page of the Mimouna-Association, Student Association of Muslims that much attention to the Jewish-cultural heritage of Morocco. Moreover, the same organization that with the Jewish Chabad Jeunesse Maroc just before Eid Ul Fitr and handing over 1500 food packages to needy to mark the end of Ramadan.

Shortly after sharing the photo was shared and liked this hundreds of times. The comments under the post of the Mimouna-Association were generally positive, one gave especially that Morocco is one of the few countries where Muslims and Jews among other things without any impediment or contradiction can live together harmoniously.

maghrib prayer