Boy reached Spain from Morocco dangling under a bus (video)

A boy has traveled at least 230 km from Morocco to Seville hanging under a bus, reported the local emergency services. The latest example of the desperate attempts by migrants to Europe.

The emergency services in the Spanish Sevilla showed a video of the boy in a dirty white t-shirt that was extracted from under the bus. The emergency services said that the bus was from the city of Tangier, on 230 km away from Seville.

The boy seemed in good health, but was for the security right to the hospital.

A police spokesman told AFP that the boy is a minor and of Moroccan descent. For its part, he said he had been informed that the bus from Tetouan came, which even further than Tanger.

"The bus arrived in Seville, and when the driver was preparing to let passengers from steps, he noticed something strange on", said the spokesman. "He called the police and the Fire Department and they discovered the boy hanging under the bus," he added.

Many migrants from Africa are risking their lives to try to reach Europe through Spain. They try to cross the Mediterranean in rickety boats, to climb the high fences that surround the Spanish enclaves Sebta and Melilla if they hide in vehicles.

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