Marrakech: 61-year-old Frenchman cut into pieces recovered

The case is currently still investigated, family of the deceased man has now flown over.

The locals in Marrakech on 10 June was rocked by a terrible crime. On 3 places scattered throughout the city were various body parts in garbage bags found the identity of the victim, but one could not initially figure out.

The case started to roll when on June 21, the son of victims in France after he pulled the alarm since June 15, the day that the victim would fly back to France, had heard nothing from his father.

Then both the Moroccan and the French authorities are in contact with each other. This was soon to identify the man to all probably by certain specific body characteristics, according to the French medium Le Bien Public. The son has since ceded in Morocco DNA material for a definitive identification.

The circumstances of this tragedy have yet to be determined. There are 3 suspects detained. The 3 detainees concerned one prostitute and 2 friends of the woman in question. The case will be examined further in Morocco and the Moroccan judge.