King Mohammed VI wants, as soon as possible independence of public prosecutor

The last Council of Ministers, held on 25 June in Casablanca, was especially busy. In fact, the King called on the Government to speed up reforms, including the judiciary, to speed up.  

We have previously reported that during the last Council of Ministers the King his disappointment and dissatisfaction expressed about the delay of the projects in Al Hoceima, the holidays of the retracted ministers and several new Ambassadors, Walis and Governors appointed.

King Mohammed VI wore during this Council of Ministers for the acceleration of the presentation of the draft law on the powers and duties of the Presidency-in-Office of the public prosecutor's Office with a view to their adoption during the current parliamentary term.

It is expected that Mohamed Aujjar, Minister of Justice, the draft law as soon as possible for the Council of Ministers will be presenting. This law is part of the implementation of large projects for the reform of the judiciary, which should promote the independence of the judiciary and strengthen.

The King also gave to that, after the adoption of this law, the transfer of power should take place before October of this year and that there is an adequate seat for this judicial institution must be designated.

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