Had Soualem: 170 million dirham seized in house of Mayor

The Moroccan police have seized 170 million dirham in the House of Zine El Abidine Hawass, the Mayor of Had Soualem, a town near Casablanca.

The search took place after the arrest of Hawass for multiple charges of bribery, abuse of power, intimidation and mismanagement of the city Had Soualem. The huge amount of money was found in bundles of 200 dirham notes, and an additional amount of more 30 million dirham was found on his bank account.

Hawass was arrested by the police on the instructions of the Attorney General of the Court of appeal in Casablanca, after multiple complaints from contractors and businesses in Had Soualem.

The misconduct of Hawass was exposed after the receipt of 800,000 dirham, which he considered a "gift" and no bribe. During the investigation, the person who gave the money to the police, Hawass the statement that he was blackmailed by the Mayor of the city. That obligated him to 800,000 dirham to say when he wanted to obtain a permit to build homes, reported Radar2.

During questioning by the police became the Mayor of Soualam Had faced a number of questions and allegations of embezzlement of public funds and bribery, particularly in connection with real estate.

A number of real estate developers and contractors claimed they had obtained residence permits and work permits only after payment of large amounts to Hawass.

From the investigations also showed that large amounts of money were transferred to the account of his wife, mother-in-law and a number of family members to avoid suspicions.

Hawass, who now from his position as Mayor is appalled, a few days ago was stopped on the Mohammed V International Airport on instruction of the Attorney General pending the investigation by the members of the national police. He gave as reason for his sudden travel decision that he and his family wanted to go on Umrah, reports Moroccoworldnews.

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