El Othmani ensures realization development programme ' Al-Hoceima, Manarat Al Moutawassit ' (video)

Saad Eddine El Othmani assured today that the Government mobilized the different projects in the short term in Al Hoceima and the surrounding region.

"We (ministers) are committed, after the high instructions from King Mohammed VI during the last Council of Ministers, to browse through the different projects and to speed up the pace of implementation", said the head of the Government this afternoon during a Press Conference. The press conference was given before El Othmani as President took part in an inter-ministerial meeting at the development program called "Al-Manarat Al Hoceima, Moutawassit" in the province of Al Hoceima to implement.

This program, with an investment of 6.5 billion dirham, was already launched in 2015, but there is as yet little to see.

The King asked last Sunday the ministers of Home Affairs and finance to start an investigation to identify the causes of the freezing of this development programme. Saad Eddine El Othmani assured on Monday that all projects that are registered under this programme will be realised. He called on the citizens to wisdom.

El Othmani expressed his disappointment after the violence during protests in Al Hoceima last Monday and regretted that both security officers as civilians have been injured.

The head of the Government also said that "the rights of defendants in court be respected". Those are the instructions of the King, he said and added that the Court will handle requests for investigation into alleged torture.

[video = youtube; VHr7N0t9BHo] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = VHr7N0t9BHo [/video]

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