The Dutch are double on discrimination

More than two in three (68 percent) approve Dutch discrimination. A slightly larger proportion (72 percent) also believes that in some cases discrimination is spoken too fast.

That research shows that the social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) Thursday publishes.

Of the hundred Dutchmen says 22 percent could be discriminated against. Our country belongs to the middle bracket of Europe. Higher educated people (76 percent) and left-wing voters (83 percent) approve of discrimination more often than average.

Those interviewed say discrimination worse to find if it affects them or their loved ones, than when it comes to people who are otherwise of them. 54% of Dutch people has the feeling that there is more often discriminated against now than 20 years ago.

They think this is because of the greater visibility of minority groups, for example because people express their sexual orientation easier. LHBT'ers (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people), ethnic minorities, Muslims and people with a disability are according to Dutch the most discriminated against.

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