Morocco distinguished in Washington for fight against trafficking in human beings (video)

Morocco has in Washington awarded on the occasion of the publication of the American report on combating trafficking in human beings all over the world for the year 2017.

The award was received by the right Amina Oufroukhi and was awarded by the American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in presence of Ivanka Trump.

Amina Oufroukhi was also named "hero" in recognition of her leadership and driving force behind Morocco's efforts to develop a new law against human trafficking.

In this report highlights American diplomacy that the Moroccan authorities have taken "significant and increased efforts" to prevent trafficking in human beings, including the exploitation of children.

"This award is a recognition of the progress that the Kingdom has made in the fight against trafficking in human beings, in particular through the promulgation of a new law," said Amina Oufroukhi against DIRECTORY-Washington, "and I'm honored to have been able to contributions as judge, to this progress of Morocco ".

She has expressed the hope to the coming years more to succeed in combating this phenomenon and the protection of the victims.

Amina Oufroukhi is a judge in the Criminal Court of the Department of Justice, gives le360.

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