Morocco ends up as second in Africa with most internet use

Not entirely surprising Morocco rolled as the second country on the African continent with most internet use.

The research was recently conducted by the medium Internet Live Stats, this was done on the basis of the data usage in 201 countries over the past calendar year. The data were obtained from various umbrella bodies, international telecom takes Morocco taken the 33rd place. On the African continent to be lowly, that country is going to South Africa for national users with 28,580,290.

Population: 34,817,065 people
Number of internet users: 20,068,556

Share in the global number of internet users: 0.6%

For comparison, the neighbouring countries Algeria and Tunisia do significantly less on the rankings. They occupy at the global level, respectively, the 48th and 65th place with averages of 19.7% and 48.1%.

The list leader at a global level are successively China, India and finally the United States.