Iraqi premier: ' We see the end of the nepstaat of Daesh '

The encirclement of the unofficial capital of Raqqa in Syria, Daesh, is complete.

That reports the Syrian Observatory for human rights, which Thursday announced that the last escape route from the Syrian city is cut off.

The U.S.-backed fighters of the Syrian Democratic armed forces (SDF) started this month in the siege of Raqqa. The United Nations sounded the alarm this week about the high number of civilian deaths in the fight around the city. Since the beginning of June would surely 173 civilians have died.

Daesh got Thursday yet another setback to endure. The Iraqi army said the destroyed historic mosque in former stronghold Mosul Daesh-to have been where the terrorist organization three years ago ' the Caliphate '. Thereupon suggested Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi that the end of the terrorists is near.

"We see the end of the nepstaat of Daesh", tweeted the Prime Minister. "The liberation of Mosul proves that".