Hirak: the latest figures on police custody, prosecution and sentencing

At the end of the Council of Ministers today delivered the Government spokesman Mustapha El Khalifi the last figures for events in the Reef, reports medias24.

He reported:

- on the side of the security services. Editor's Note: it should be noted that this is just the figures are of the authorities, there are also injured in the protesters, but there are no official figures of known. Often they will not go to hospitals because they are afraid to bepicked up;

-on the side of the demonstrators, there are submitted for medical research related to allegations of torture;

- are in custody in Al Hoceima and 2 in Casablanca;

-There is currently a judicial inquiry into , of which 48 at the Court of appeal in Casablanca, 21 at the Court of appeal in Al Hoceima and 28 at the Court of first instance also in Al Hoceima;

- were sentenced to a prison sentence or a conditional imprisonment;

- are persecuted in a State of freedom;

-the files of are closed.