the world's largest desalination unit powered by renewable energy in Souss-Massa-region

The largest unit in the world for the desalination of sea water for irrigation and drinking water, which is fed by renewable energy sources, will be launched in the Souss-Massa region.

The Moroccan national service for water and electricity ONEE and the Ministry of agriculture, rural development and Maritime Fishing, Water and Forestry have Thursday 29 June signed a partnership project for the construction of a common Unit for the desalination of sea water for irrigation and drinking water supply in the region Souss-Massa.

"This is the largest desalination project in the world that is powered by renewable energies," said a statement from ONEE.

The main aim of this large-scale project is to meet the large demand for drinking water and irrigation in the region Souss-Massa.

"For the drinking water component is the desalination project, which has a capacity of 150,000 m3 per day at the start and will reach 200,000 m3 per day in the future, aimed at ensuring the supply of drinking water for a population of 2.3 million inhabitants in 2030, 20% of them in rural areas, "the statement said.

Thanks to this great project, which will cost about 2 billion dirham, will achieve 100% access to drinking water in Agadir (Agadir-Ida Ou Tanane Prefecture and the economic region of sous-Massa), which is able to preserve groundwater sources.

In addition, additional investment of 600 million dirham dedicated to the installation of 44 km pipelines, the construction of a drinking water tank of 35,000 m3, the installation of 3 power lines (high voltage) about 55 km (of the Tiznit-station to the United Ouarzazate solar complex) and the construction of two pumping stations and 2 loading tanks.

"This major project is part of the strategic vision of King Mohammed VI, which calls for the sustainable development of the Kingdom, the management of water upon request, the preservation of the environment and the coast, preserving the underground resources and the promotion of green energy, "the statement said.

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