Re-entry ban Trump goes in

The re-entry ban u.s. president Donald Trump is Friday at 02.00 hours Dutch time.

People from six countries with mostly Muslim inhabitants may not travel to the United States if they do not have "bona fide relationship" with, for example, family or companies in the country.

The U.S. Supreme Court made the introduction of the controversial measure this week. Before lower courts cross, but according to the Court, can the entry ban on main points still to be carried out. The US authorities made it clear that on "professional way" will.

Trump announced in January for the first time a temporary entry ban. That led to chaos at airports, because unclear was which travelers had to be banned. A federal judge later blocked the measure, which according to critics was mainly directed against Muslims. Also a custom variant was killed later in court.

The US State Department has explained this time though travelers must meet the requirements if they want to visit the US. Airline KLM left Thursday know that people with valid travel documents and a visa just to be transported.

re-entry ban