With Jersey number 10 awarded Ziyech are desperate for the new season (video)

After a 4 week long vacation is the Ajax stronghold eager to to the new season to start.

After the transfer of Davy Klaassen to Everton is the coveted Jersey number ten released, which of course was immediately transferred to the millions of purchase of last summer. Who the leader is next year is still open, perhaps the Moroccan-international also qualify.

Opposite let the much-discussed player briefly from Ajax TV about his holiday period and the desire to get back on the field. In the picture are also all other Ajax-selection players that are on the Future, including the great talent Abdelhak Nouri.

[video = youtube; ULMdt5ZGVvM] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = ULMdt5ZGVvM [/video]