Oulmès launches ' Aqua Drinks ' with four different fruit flavors

The large mineral water producer Oulmès announces that it starting from the first week of July four new products on the market launch.

It is called "Fruitées Oulmès Bulles" (fruity bubbles) and is a mixture which consists of Oulmès naturally carbonated mineral water and natural fruit juices.

The company gives that a drink is without colouring agents or preservatives.

Oulmès integrates the segment of "Aqua Drinks" in Morocco with the four flavours: Orange, lemon, tropical and virgin mojito.

The production unit of the new mineral water drink of Oulmès is located in Tarmilat in the Middle Atlas, reports medias24.

The four flavors of Fruity Oulmès Bubbles are available in narrow cans and small glass bottles (25 cl) and will be sold across the country through the various existing distribution channels.

Who knows a nice summer drink to have a try this summer, we are at least curious about the virgin mojito!

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