Sale: devastating fire in souk Assalihine

The fire destroyed 82 stalls in souk Assalihine in Hay Karima in Salé

The fire broke out around 16:30 hours yesterday afternoon. The souk consists of multiple stalls/shops for the sale of timber, furniture and scrap and the fire spread rapidly here. People tried to save what still could of their merchandise, but almost everything was destroyed.

Local authorities reported that the fire has been brought under control thanks to the Fire Department from the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra region, which marched en masse with 12 fire trucks. They are the whole evening trying to put out the fire. A man who was present during the fire (see video below), however, was less satisfied with the Fire Department, who according to him was not or only allowed to look. Probably was that in the "heat of the moment" and was the fire truck in the video only the first who arrived or called those reinforcement on.

There are fortunately no fatalities cases at the fire, but were seven people slightly injured. They had respiratory problems or were passed out during the fire. They are all to the provincial hospital Moulay Abdellah in sale to get the necessary care.

The cause of the fire is yet to be examined, an examination to that end is already open.

[video = youtube; S1VXf7o7HJc] v = S1VXf7o7HJc [/video]