Tetouan: Spanish Civil Guard officer sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for drug trafficking

The officer in question would have tried a big party to get the enclave Sebta in cannabis.

An agent of higher rank of the Spanish Civil Guard recently ran against the lamp in the enclave of Sebta. The 53-year-old had recently convicted in Court of Tétouan answer for his act. Was known, so writes the Moroccan medium Al Massae today, that he regularly took up his free days to spend them in the northern part of Morocco.

After one of those trips he tried an immense amount of 84 kilograms of cannabis with it to take back the enclave in. Assuming the controls are less strict at night, he undertook more than a month ago the smuggling attempt in his vehicle. Without success, one had soon by that there was something wrong and found the drugs carefully packed under the seats and in the doors.

To what is now known, it seems the Spaniard to sit his detention in his home country, under the terms of an agreement between Morocco and Spain in this kind of business. All legal procedures in Morocco must be fully completed, starting at the Court of appeal.

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